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Do I qualify for a BitMar discount?


(This is a limited-time offer. All applicants must be able to provide proof of status. You may only use one discount option, at a time, from below. All options, from below, provide the same discount percentage.)




I am a...




(Any school, college, or grade)


Emergency worker

(Police, Fire Dept., ambulance/E.M.T., Emergency Room, etc.)


Member of the U.S. Military

(Any branch; active or retired)


Single parent

(Living with my child/children, without a spouse or significant other -- with or without child support)


Low/No-income individual

(Earning $0 - $30,000 U.S.D., yearly)


Senior citizen

(Age 60, and over)


Willing to share BitMar, on Social Media

(Get a discount! -- just for sharing BitMar, with your friends, on Social Media)


None of the above





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