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BitMar Networks is the firm behind the BitMar streaming platform. We want you to discover and access all kinds of streaming media, much easier.


In essence... BitMar is the ultimate multimedia-streaming portal; that connects you to millions of movies, shows, channels, songs, videos, and more (from different sources on the Web.)


You may use BitMar on virtually any device, including: tablets, computers, smart phones, smart TVs, smart displays, streaming boxes/sticks, gaming consoles, etc. BitMar believes that everyone should have the right to access free media content; easily, and legally. BitMar is also a great alternative to many other -- sometimes expensive -- services.

The BitMar name is a combination of "bit" (the basic unit of information in computing, and digital communications), and "mar" [an English synonym of the words "break", "impair" and "disfigure." The word "Mar" is also a derivative of the Latin word "mare" ("mar" in Spanish) -- which means "sea" or "ocean".] The adaptation of "mar" in the BitMar context reflects both disruption, and an ocean-like availability of media content. BitMar Networks remains a privately-held company.


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Our Mission

Image of a blackboardWe strive to provide a highly-manageable universe of streaming content, to the World; because we believe that everyone has the right to discover and access media content, easily.




Our History

The Brooklyn BridgeAt its inception, in June 14, 2004, in Brooklyn, New York, BitMar provided Web-based services; such as Web design, development, hosting, branding, among other Web-related services.

More than a decade later... BitMar began introducing different, Web-based TV and music products; which have all merged into the current, single BitMar streaming platform, that we know today.




Our Leadership

Jonathan Rodriguez's Profile PhotoBitMar Networks is currently led by its founder, Mr. Jonathan Rodriguez; who still serves as the firm’s Chief Executive Officer, lead designer and developer.

Rodriguez attended the City University of New York (C.U.N.Y.), where he studied Marketing Management and Sales, at the New York College of Technology (N.Y.C.T.) As most Tech innovators, Rodriguez quickly left conventional education; and pursued a career, as
a self-taught Web developer.

As with many startups, Rodriguez wore many hats, within BitMar, for several years. As BitMar matured, under Rodriguez’s leadership, he led the firm into fully-embracing the concept of outsourcing. This strategic move allowed BitMar to evolve into a highly-dynamic, global, multimedia platform.


"Reason is always unbiased; otherwise, it is just an opinion." -- Jonathan Rodriguez


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Tech Specs

● The entire BitMar platform is Cloud-based, including all of its apps.

● The average BitMar app file-size is just ~490.8 KB.

Cloudflare Logo● In addition to its main server (which virtually operates as a 'master-copy' of the platform)... BitMar mostly runs on a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) service, provided by Cloudflare
®, in order to handle an indefinite amount of traffic, at super-high speeds.

● Since BitMar was designed to run on a filing system (instead of a relational database system), one-hundred percent of the BitMar platform can be cached (and served) by the Cloudflare
® CDN. Therefore, the more people who use BitMar, around the World, the faster that BitMar loads; for everyone. Cloudflare® data centers (and offices) are completely 'Green', in the U.S., and North America -- matching 100% of the consumed electricity, with renewable-energy credits. (Cloudflare is a registered trademark of Cloudflare, Inc.)



















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